General Information

    The EEA Grants Programme offers support to students from WUT’s partner universities in Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein to pursue a study mobility in Timisoara. This is possible  through mobility projects implemented between any higher education institutions in the European Economic Area (Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, namely Donor Countries) and their partners in Beneficiary Countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia).

  The International Office at your home university has all the information you need regarding: available opportunities/subject areas for mobilities, selection process and grant value.

  Your grant will consist of: subsistence component + travel component

Subsistence (for students) for mobilities from Donor States to RO1000 EUR/month (for incomplete months the grant will be calculated by multiplying the number of days from that specific month with 1/30 of the monthly grant- 33 EUR/day)
Travel distance (from home university to host university and return, fixed amount, calculated as a straight line according to
10 to 99 km20 EUR per participant
100 to 499 km180 EUR per participant
500 to 1999 km275 EUR per participant
2000 to 2999 km360 EUR per participant
3000 to 3999 km530 EUR per participant
4000 to 7999 km820 EUR per participant

The study mobility can vary from 3 to 12 months/cycle of study, but we reccommend you pursue a mobility of one semester or one academic year.
  Courses succesfully followed at WUT will be recognized by your university based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).
I was selected by my university. What now?

  1. Nomination:
The International Office of your university has to nominate you as an EEA Grants student at West University of Timisoara (RO TIMISOA01). The e-mail nomination will include: full student’s name, age, sex, study programme. You will, afterwards, be contacted by our EEA Grants Officer concerning the next step.

2. Application procedure 
2.1. Fill in your Learning Agreement for Studies based on Courses at WUT . Please take into consideration that WUT has an open policy about incoming students’ access to courses, therefore, you are able to choose courses from any of our faculties. You may find useful our list of study programmes fully taught in a foreign language.
2.2. Save, Print and Sign the document “Learning Agreement for studies” together with the responsible person at the sending institution.
2.3. Send document “Learning Agreement for studies” to

Deadlines (nomination & application):
• 15 of June – Semester 1 (October to mid-February)
• December 31th – Semester 2 (mid-February - end of June)

Contact:  EEA Grants Officer:
Mihaela Proteasa-Popuţa

Upon arrival, you will be paired with an academic coordinator at West University of Timișoara and you will be able to make changes to your learning agreement.
Academic Calendar   

Student dormitories

  • Accommodation for incoming EEA Grants students at West University of Timisoara can be provided on request (via e-mail, together with your Learning Agreement for Studies)in our dormitories situated in the student area and in the city. See map
  • Double rooms (shared bathroom) and triple rooms (private bathroom), internet and cable TV, sheets and covers included. You'll have to share your room with other WUT students.
  • Accommodation price is around 25€ /month, rent & expenses.
  • Assigned dormitory and roommates will be randomly established.
  • If you requested accommodation, a spot will be booked for you. Two weeks prior to your arrival you will be informed, by email, about the dormitory that was assigned to you as well as the check-in procedure.


  • Another option is to rent a flat in the city. This is usually more expensive, the average price for a two rooms apartment being around 200-250 €/month, but this depends on the location (more central = more expensive). Cohabitation is another option, so costs can be shared. In this case, apart from rent, you'll also have to pay for monthly expenses such as electricity, water or heating.

You may find useful: Survival Guide ECTS Info Packs / Courses at WUT 

Detalii: mobilitati pentru practica


General Information

  This action allows the following types of staff mobility:

  • teaching mobility of a duration of 5 days (excluding travel time) for teaching staff from a DS university in a Romanian university (minimum 8 teaching hours per week are compulsory).
  • training mobility with the aim to participate in seminars, workshops, training courses, study visits, job shadowing, for teaching and non-teaching academic staff from a DS university in a Romanian institution. The duration is of 5 days (excluding travel time).

The sending and hosting institutions shall first agree on a Work Programme to be achieved by the participant undertaking the mobility (teaching or training).

The Work Programme will contain at least the following: objectives of the mobility, added value of the mobility, agenda and content description of the teaching/training programme and the expected outcomes and impact.

For a member of the teaching staff undertaking a teaching mobility, the latter should be initiated under the framework of an inter-institutional agreement existing between the sending and host institutions.
At the end of the period spent abroad, the hosting institution shall provide the participant as well as the sending institution with a Certificate of attendance; this document shall mention the participant’s name, the purpose of the activity undertaken and the confirmation of its start and end dates.

Staff mobility for teaching and training

Teaching and training staff coming from DS universities can teach a number of classes or train at West University of Timișoara, in the frame of “Education, Scholarships, Apprenticeships and Youth Entrepreneurship”, 2014-2021, programme under the existing inter-institutional agreements.  Please check with the International Office at your university the availability of such an agreement.  

All academic details (such as: which class to teach, when to come, teaching language, level of students - enrolled in the first, second or third level, etc.) of your stay should be discussed with the Academic Coordinator from the faculty you are interested in teaching at, or your contacts at the potential host university.
All administrative details of your stay should be discussed with the Officer in charge, Oana-Roxana IVAN ( Please feel free to contact her for any inquiries you might have.
At the end of your stay in Timisoara, you will be issued a certificate stating your mobility period and the details of the activity you performed.

The participants will receive a financial support which will cover subsistence and transport expenses.

The EEA grant is:

Individual support (subsistence) for mobilities from Donor States to RO150 € / day (unit cost) 750 € /week (unit cost) 1250 € /2 week (unit cost)
Subsistence for additional 2 travel days (one before the beginning of the visit and another after the visit) could be allocated ( if needed)

The values of the EEA grant for transport will differ based on the distance band between the home university and the host university, as follows:

Travel distanceAmount
10 to 99 KM:20 EUR per participant
 100 to 499 KM:180 EUR per participant
 500 to 1999 KM:275 EUR per participant
2000 to 2999 KM:360 EUR per participant
3000 to 3999 KM:530 EUR per participant
4000 to 7999 KM:820 EUR per participant

Nota bene
: “Travel distance” represents the distance between the home university and the host university, while “Amount” convers the contribution for transport round-trips.

The Travel distance (from home university to host university and return) represents a  fixed amount and is calculated as a straight line according to

The payment of the EEA grant is made directly to the participant via bank transfer (euro account) as follows:

  • first installment (80% of the total grant) before the mobility;
  • second installment (20% of the total grant) upon completion of the mobility following the submission of these documents (attendance certificate, final report of the mobility and declaration of avoidance of double funding).

We are looking forward to welcome you in Timisoara!