• Accommodation for incoming ERASMUS+ students at West University of Timisoara can be provided by request (on the online application) in our dormitories situated in the student area and in the city. See map
  • For Erasmus Incoming students there are double rooms (shared bathroom) and triple rooms (private bathroom), internet and cable TV, sheets and covers included. You'll have to share it with another WUT student.
  • Accommodation price is around 25€ /month, rent & expenses.
  • Assigned dormitory and roommates will be random established.
  • If you requested accommodation a place will be booked for you. Two weeks before your arrival you will be notice, by email, about dormitory assigned for you and check-in procedure.
  • Another option is to rent a flat in the city. This option is more expensive, the average price for a two rooms apartment is around 180 euro / month, but this depends according to the location (more central = more expensive). It is possible to rent an apartment together with other Erasmus students, so you can share the costs. Apart from rent, you'll also have to pay for monthly expenses such as electricity, water or heating.