This type of mobility allows WUT students to undertake an internship in a company or organization in another country in the European Community.
Placement is just another name for the concept of internship.
The host organizations for student placements may be enterprises, training centers, research centers and other organizations including higher education institutions.
If you are a B.A. or M.A. student, you can undergo your internship with Erasmus+ Placement. You have the perfect opportunity to get in touch with the big companies from abroad right in their country of origin or you can benefit from the resources of other universities to carry out your bachelor's or dissertation work.
If you are a PhD. student, through Erasmus+ Placement, you can do a research internship at a higher education institution in the European Community.
You can still benefit from an Erasmus+ Placement if you had an Erasmus+ Studies grant.
You can benefit from a maximum of 12 months of Erasmus + mobility during each academic cycle (B.A., M.A., PhD.).