Preparatory Visits

The main objective of the preparatory visits action is to help higher education institutions (HEIs) from RO and DS to establish contacts between them, for the following purposes:
  • concluding new (not renewals of existing) inter-institutional agreements regarding mobility of students and/or teaching staff;
  • initiating student placements;
  • initiating inter-institutional cooperation projects.

  • Preparatory visits grants can also be used to attend a “contact seminar” to identify potential partners. Details concerning contact seminars will be made available on the website

    Preparatory visits grants can be used to visit:
  • one or more potential partner higher education institutions;
  • a company, an organization, a research institute/centre which is a potential partner.

  • Contact with the host institution/organization/company should be made before applying and it will be proven by attaching the official invitation letter and the (draft) agenda for the visit.

    Who can benefit ?
  • employees of a higher education institution (teaching or non-teaching staff)

  • Who can apply ?
  • accredited higher education institutions (universities) from Romania and DS.

  • Application procedure

    The university applies to the ANPCDEFP, following the procedures described in the 2015 Call for Proposals (available on
    Duration of a preparatory visit is between minimum 1 day and maximum 5 days.

    Funding and payments

    Grant for for visits to institutions in Donor States is 250 € /day and for visits to Romania is 150 € /day
    EVALUATION AND SELECTION PROCEDURES Only legal entities can apply.
  • Applying organisations must be accredited HEIs. The ECHE is compulsory only if the visit aims at initiating a Mobility Project (students or teachers)
  • Host institutions must be from one of the Donor States (in case of Romanian applicants) or from Romania (in case of an applicant from DS).
  • A grant is usually awarded to the applying university for a single person undertaking the visit, but, in exceptional cases, two employees of the university can receive a grant to undertake the visit together (if the need is well described and documented in the application). Only one visit is funded for each potential project.
  • There will be no more than 2 preparatory visits financed for a certain HEI, over the whole duration of the programme.
  • Applications for preparatory visits for a certain project cease to be eligible after submitting an application for the respective project.

  • Grant awarding criteria
  • there is an agenda and a working programme for the visit
  • the programme is clear and reasonable; its duration is realistic and appropriate
  • the role of each participant (visiting or hosting) is well described
  • the contribution of planned activities (during the visit) to initiating a new project is well described.


    Probable date of sending preliminary information about selection results: 15 working days from the receipt of the application.

    The Beneficiary will receive the electronic version of the contract and will send to ANPCDEFP two original copies of the contract, stamped and signed both by the legal representative of the institution and by the participant, within maximum 10 working days after the publication of the selection results.

    The beneficiary will submit a final report within maximum 10 working days after the end of the visit.

    The report will be accompanied by the following documents: participation certificate issued by the host institution and travel documents (tickets, boarding passes etc).

    More details at: