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West University of Timișoara employs study programmes at undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral school levels. Created as an institution which favours pluridisciplinarity and interdisciplinarity, the university ensures training in the following fields related to language and literature: Languages and Literatures, Applied Modern Languages, Cultural Studies, History and Theology. Our university has a long tradition (more than 40 years) of teaching foreign languages to Romanians but also teaching Romanian to foreigners.
Our potential students are more than welcome to discover not only Romanian, but also our culture and civilization, during our courses organized starting with 12th of September 2016!

Level: Beginner
Number of participants: group of 20 students (only future Erasmus students to West University of Timisoara)
Duration: 12.09.2016 – 23.09.2016
Number of classes: 50 h (25 h of language courses, 25 h of courses of culture and civilization)
Deadline for completing the application: 25th of July, 2016. Applications will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Accommodation: provided by request (on the online application) in our dormitories situated in the student area and in the city. See map . Double rooms (shared bathroom) or triple rooms (private bathroom). Accommodation price is around 30€/student/course period. If you request accommodation a place will be booked for you. Two weeks before your arrival you will be notice, by email, about dormitory assigned for you and check-in procedure. About accommodation you can contact

Application here:
Emina Căpălnăşan:
Nicoleta Muşat:

Course objectives:
- To activate and develop: reading skills, writing abilities, conversational skills according to contexts;
- To understand and use everyday expressions and basic phrases;
- To be able to introduce oneself and others and ask/answer simple questions that might appear in everyday situations such as taking the tram / train, buying different items, asking for services etc.
- To raise interest towards cultural diversity;
- To compare and analyze different cultures (the participants’ culture and the Romanian cultural background);
- To connect people with specific Romanian values.

Our course contains classes of language and of culture and civilization, the items being introduced through interactive methods of learning. For the students to acquire language abilities, the exercises are question-answer based: teacher-student dialogue, student-student dialogue; other exercises are based on grammar items introduced in useful structures. Vocabulary items (collocations, phrasal verbs) are introduced through topics as: shopping, presenting oneself, cooking, traveling around; grammar-reference points focus on comparisons between English and Romanian and other Romanic languages; the courses have speaking and conversation sections so that students can apply the basic theoretical items. Culture and civilization classes are based on Romanian realities. Thus, combined with Romanian language classes, they offer students the possibility to communicate on a basic level and understand cultural contexts. Participant observation becomes a method on learning, due to the fact that students will immerge within Romanian daily life. They can use an intermediary language to express their observations.

Living in and visiting Timişoara

Iulius Mall, calea Sever Bocu (Foodcourt: international foods; restaurants, cafes) -

“Casa bunicii” (Romanian dishes) –, facebook profile: - str. Virgil Onitiu nr. 3, zona Bălcescu (Bălcescu area), Timisoara; telephone: (004) 0356 100 870

“Casa cu flori ”(centre of the city) - str. Alba Iulia nr. 1 Timisoara; telephone : (004) 0721 180 011 Pret-a-manger, Complexul studentesc (students’ campus) - str. Aurelianus, nr. 19 telephone: (004) 0256/228000, (004) 0728626437