Other Erasmus+ Cooperation Projects

West University of Timisoara is open to participate actively in all other types of Erasmus+ projects, aside from the ones focusing on international mobilities of students and staff. Should you wish to have WUT as a partner in an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships or Knowledge Alliances Partner, as well as an Erasmus+ Joint Master Degrees or Capacity Building project, please contact the Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator, Andra Dragotesc andra.dragotesc@e-uvt.ro, with a proposal and you will be redirected to the best match in terms of faculty/department/academic staff. West University of Timisoara can be a project partner in a variety of fields of research and higher education:
  • Economics, Marketing, Management, Accounting
  • Law, Political Science, European Studies, Journalism, Philosophy
  • Psichology, Sociology, Social Work, Education Sciences
  • Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography
  • Sports, Physical Education
  • Visual Arts, Design, Music, Theatre
  • Philology, Modern Languages, Romanic Languages, History, Theology
  • Contact: Andra-Mirona Dragotesc, director DRI, e-mail: andra.dragotesc@e-uvt.ro, tel: +0256592352