• The academic year at the West University of Timisoara consists of two semesters:
    • The autumn semester usually runs from the beginning of October to the end of January.
    • The spring semester starts in mid February and lasts until the end of June.
  • Each semester finishes with its own session of exams, each lasting for about three-four weeks. In some faculties, there is also a three weeks late-autumn session of exams. There is a two-three weeks vacation on Christmas, one week between the semesters, and about two months vacation in summer.
  • There are different ways to reach Timisoara:
    • if you arrive by plane: Timisoara has an International Airport, 15 km away from the city; if your travel agent cannot find you a direct flight to Timisoara, you can also consider Bucharest (550 km from Timisoara; then you can come by train) or Budapest, Hungary (400 km from Timisoara, then you can come by train or better by a minibus company - we can book a place for you with them if you wish so - the good thing about this company is that they wait for you in Budapest Airport and bring you directly to your address in Timisoara). The price is 40 euro / person. If you want to use them, you need to provide us with the following information: arrival date and hour; your flight number and company; airport of departure.
    • if you arrive by train: get off the train in "Timisoara Nord" Station - it is close to the city center, then you can take a taxi to the student area. The address of your residence is: Complexul Studentesc, Caminul 13.
    • if you arrive by bus (Eurolines): the bus station is quite close to the city center too.
  • We offer a class of Romanian as a Foreign Language, which is free of charge for Erasmus students; it runs during the whole academic year. No enrollment forms are needed, just announce us if you want to join it after your arrival in Timisoara