Visiting@WUT grant programme

The Visiting@WUT grant programme is divided into two components: Visiting Professor and Visiting Researcher, therefore a teacher or researcher from an accredited Higher Education Institution and / or a Research Institute abroad is eligible.

General activities:
-        For each published paper, conference participation, organized event, submitted project, patent accomplishment obtained during or as a result of the Visiting@WUT grant, a (co-) affiliation to the WUT has to be included;
-        Actively participate in the WUT academic activities and events and support the Faculty and the host Department academic initiatives;
-        Submit a detailed activity report to your coordinator at the end of the grant;
-        Deliver a public presentation for colleagues and students from WUT’s academic community about the Visiting@WUT experience and living in Timișoara;
-        Act as a WUT Ambassador in your home universities and institutes and present the Visiting@WUT grant programme to those communities.

Short description for Visiting Professors activities:
-        To teach at least one subject (with its course and seminar activities), which will be presented throughout an entire semester or module – proposal, development, teaching, evaluation;
-        To organize at least one more activity (course/ seminar/ round table /public conference) and/or to be involved in (co)-tutoring, thesis (co)-coordinating, book publishing, etc activities;

Short description for Visiting Researchers activities:
-        To carry out research activities;
-        In case of short-term grants: to submit for publication at least 1 article (Web of Science/ Scopus, according to the main research areas of the Host Faculty or of the Department for Teacher Training);
-        In case of long-term grants: to submit for publication at least 2 articles (Web Science/ Scopus, according to the main research areas of the Host Faculty or of the Department for Teacher Training);
-        In case of research in collaboration with WUT colleagues - to contribute to the submission of at least one Europe 2020 Horizon project proposal or equivalent of it.

! For details concerning eligibility criteria, calendar deadlines, application documents, benefits, grant periods, the selection process and others, please check the Call for Application Visiting@WUT mentioned below.
Call for application Visiting@WUT - SEM II

  • Contact: Diana PLEȘCA (e-mail:, Phone: +40256592227)

International Lecturers at WUT

Every year West University of Timișoara supports the internationalization process and education development through hosting international lecturers and collaborators.

In the 2020-2021 academic year, within WUT 7 international full-time lecturers and many other lecturers and collaborators paid on an hourly basis carry out their academic activity. From teaching foreign languages, civilization and culture, to conducting research activities the lecturers are involved in many various events and projects of or in collaboration with WUT.

International lecturers at WUT in the academic year 2020-2021:

- Simone Pichler, Austrian lecturer at the Faculty of Letters, History and Theology;
- Martin Mozo Borja, Spanish lecturer at the Faculty of Letters, History and Theology;
- Dimitrije Savic, Serbian lecturer at the Faculty of Letters, History and Theology;
- Linda Gaia, Italian lecturer at the Faculty of Letters, History and Theology;
- Petru Hațegan, Croatian lecturer at the Faculty of Letters, History and Theology;
- Iolanda Vasile, Portuguesse lecturer at the Faculty of Letters, History and Theology;
- Xiaorui Du (Ray), Chinese language lecturer at the Faculty of Letters, History and Theology.

Within our university there are more categories of international lecturers/ collaborators:

A. Full-time lecturers:

Lecturers nominated and employed at WUT based on an issued Order of Ministry signed between the two countries as a result of:
- Existent Intergovernmental agreements;
- Proposals received by WUT from the Ministry of Education and Research in Romania;
- Prior agreements signed with our institution (our faculties) – for example: for the Italian lecturer, French lecturer, Serbian lecturer, Austrian lecturer, German lecturer, Spanish lecturer, etc.
International lecturers hosted by WUT:
- Lecturers who carry out their activities based on an agreement signed with an institution for foreign language promotion or through the embassies of each State/ commissions (for example: any Fulbright lecturer from United States of America, Chinese lecturer, Portuguese language lecturer, etc.).

B. Lecturers paid on an hourly basis:

• International collaborators invited by faculties for teaching courses at WUT.

Benefits offered to international lecturers and collaborators from WUT:

- Office at the Host-Faculty;
- Free, unlimited access to WUT and Host-Faculty facilities;
- Free access to WUT electronic resources;
- An @e-uvt institutional account;
- Picking up/ transportation from the airport, train station or bus station to the accommodation place upon arrival in/ departure from Timișoara (if necessary);
- Free accommodation in the university campus (if necessary);
- Monthly salary in accordance with the Order of Ministry issued by the responsible institution with the lecturer’s nominalization or in accordance with a signed inter-institutional or intergovernmental agreement/ partnership.
Administrative and informational support is offered by Department of International Relations in collaboration with Host-Faculty and Human Resource Department. Academic support is offered by the Host-Faculty, where the lecturers will carry out their activities.

International Lecturers in the academic year 2020-2021

Contact: Diana PLEȘCA (e-mail:, Phone: +40256592227)