Now that you’ve been selected for an Erasmus+ Placement mobility let us get prepared for success!

1. Find yourself an organization and get a proof of acceptance from it. When you have it bring it/sent it to us. It can be either an e-mail of confirmation or an official letter.
2. Fill in the “Online Learning Agreement for Traineeship” – the “Before the mobility“ part of the Traineeship Agreement with the details of your mobility. See the Guide to OLA section.
3. Please note that the activities mentioned in the Traineeship Agreement must be in line with your faculty’s curricula.
4. Once we check that your Traineeship Agreement is valid and we approve it, we will sign a Financial Contract. In order to do so you have to provide us with the following documents at least 1 month prior to the beginning of your mobility:
  • The exact period of your mobility (no less the 2 months!);
  • A copy of your ID card or passport;
  • IBAN code (International Bank Account Number) from an account in euro at BCR bank;
  • Filled in GDPR form;
  • A copy of your international health insurance;
  • A copy of your civil insurance against third parties;
  • A copy of your accident insurance;
a) All 3 types of insurance are mandatory and can be included either on the same insurance policy or on different policies. They have to fully cover the period of your mobility.
b) You have the obligation to pick-up, from the Erasmus+ Bureau within the Department of International Relations of WUT, an original copy of the Financial Contract, within 10 days from the drafting of the contract.

5. Within 15 days of signing the Financial Contract you will have to provide us with a Notarized statement by a guarantor and a copy of your guarantor’s ID;
It is highly recommended that the guarantor be a parent or close relative who will be jointly liable with you if you do not respect the commitments made through the Financial Contract.

6. About 30 days after the financial contract is drawn up, the first installment of 80% of the Erasmus + Placement grant will be transferred to your account.
Payment procedures of the grant are conditioned by the presentation of the Notarized statement by a guarantor and a copy of your guarantor’s ID.

7. Do the OLS language test marking the beginning of your mobility.

1. Once you have arrived at the host organization, you will have to have the Arrival Certificate signed. Please make sure the dates in your Financial Contract match those on your Arrival Certificate! When the organization signs and stamps your Arrival Certificate scan it and sent it to us via e-mail. Keep the original!
2. Should any changes in your mobility’s initially established activities occur, please fill in the During the mobility part of your Traineeship Agreement and let us know.

When all is well and done, you will have to provide us with the following documents signed and stamped in original:
1. Arrival and Departure Certificate. (Be sure it contains the exact dates mentioned in your Financial Contract);
2. Traineeship Agreement
3. Statement of avoidance of double funding form filled in and signed by you;
4. Fill in the European Commission’s questionnaire which you will receive via e-mail.

After processing and checking that all the above requests have been fulfilled the last installment of 20% of your Erasmus+ Placement grant will be transferred to your account.

Don’t forget Once Erasmus, Always Erasmus!
See you during the next selection period!