Incoming mobilities

West University of Timișoara will implement the "Grants and inter-institutional cooperation" programme concerning the implementation of the EEA and Norway Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 that allocates Romania funds amounting to 4.444.444 Euro in the period June 2013- December 2016. Thus, through the EEA Grants student and staff mobilities will be funded by Mobility Projects.
Students from Donatory States (Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland) universities to undertake a study of 3 to 12 months (within the same academic year) or a placement period of 2 to 12 months (within the same academic year) (within the same academic year) at the West University of Timisoara.

Mobility periods can be combined (study+placement). Student mobility for study is undertaken in the framework of “inter-institutional agreements” previously concluded between the sending and host institutions Eligible students are any students enrolled in any cycle of education (graduate, master, PhD). These students are considered “beneficiaries of EEA grants” and are equivalent to Erasmus students.

Before starting their mobility, the EEA students will sign a contract for study or placement, which will include the following documents:
  • a “learning agreement”/”training agreement” which will describe the study/placement programme; this agreement will be approved and signed by the sending HEI, the hosting HEI and the student concerned;
  • “The EEA Student Charter” detailing the rights and obligations of students during their mobility abroad, which is similar to the Erasmus Student Charter.
Besides the above mentioned documents, for placements, the contract will also include:
  • A “commitment for quality in mobility” which describes the rights and obligations of all parties participating in the placement abroad.

At the end of the period spent abroad, the hosting institutions will provide the student and sending institution with a transcript of records which will confirm that the agreed programme has been followed and will detail the results obtained by the student. The sending institution will validate the entire mobility period, according to the study/placement contract, preferably using the ECTS system. The EEA mobility period will also be included in the Diploma Supplement. Students with special needs can request a specific grant, after being selected for a mobility period. Monthly grant for Donor States (Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland) students coming for study or placements at our university is 700 € lump sum. Additionally: 500 € lump sum/person for travel and insurance.

I was selected by my university. What now ? Please ask the International Office of your university to send us your nomination as an EEA student at West University of Timisoara by e-mail to

For all administrative details of your stay (online application, accommodation, general information, etc), please contact

Practicalities The academic year at the West University of Timisoara consists of two semesters:
The autumn semester usually runs from the beginning of October to the end of January.
The spring semester starts in mid February and lasts until the end of June. o Each semester finishes with its own session of exams, each lasting for about three-four weeks. In some faculties, there is also a three weeks late-autumn session of exams. There is a two-three weeks vacation on Christmas, one week between the semesters, and about two months vacation in summer.
There are different ways to reach Timisoara:
If you arrive by plane: Timisoara has an International Airport, 15 km away from the city; if your travel agent cannot find you a direct flight to Timisoara, you can also consider Bucharest (550 km from Timisoara; then you can come by train) or Budapest, Hungary (400 km from Timisoara, then you can come by train or better by a minibus company - we can book a place for you with them if you wish so - the good thing about this company is that they wait for you in Budapest Airport and bring you directly to your address in Timisoara). The price is 40 euro / person. If you want to use them, you need to provide us with the following information: arrival date and hour; your flight number and company; airport of departure.
If you arrive by train: get off the train in "Timisoara Nord" Station - it is close to the city center, then you can take a taxi to the student area. The address of your residence is: Complexul Studentesc, Caminul 13.
If you arrive by bus (Eurolines): the bus station is quite close to the city center too.
We offer a class of Romanian as a Foreign Language, which is free of charge for EEA and Erasmus students; it runs during the whole academic year. No enrollment forms are needed, just announce us if you want to join it after your arrival in Timisoara
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This action provides funding for the following :
  • eaching missions of a duration between 2 days and two weeks (excluding travel time) for teaching staff from Donor States university (minimum 8 teaching hours per week are compulsory);
  • participation in seminars, workshops, training courses, study visits, conferences, job shadowing for teaching and non-teaching staff from Romanian universities in an institution from a DS and reciprocally; the duration is between 2 days and 2 weeks (excuding travel time);
The sending and hosting institutions will first agree on a work programme to be followed by the staff undertaking the mobility (teaching or training). The Programme will contain at least the following: the scope and general objectives of the mission, the expected results and a concrete schedule for the entire period. When it is about a member of the teaching staff undertaking a teaching mission, the mission should be initiated within an inter-institutional agreement existing between the sending and host institutions.

Grant for Donor States staff undertaking a mobility to Romania are: 150 € /day, 750 € /week, 1250 € for 2 weeks (lump sums). Additionally: 500 € lump sum/person for travel and insurance.

For all administrative details of your stay ( accommodation, general information, etc), please contact
More details at: