I was selected by my university. What now ?

1. Nomination:
1.1. International Office of your university has to nominate you as an Erasmus student at West University of Timisoara (RO TIMISOA01). Recommended form

2. Application procedure
2.1. Fill data using the Online Application
2.2. Download editable .pdf file: “Learning Agreement for studies” available once you have finished step 2.1.
2.3. Complete offline pdf. file “Learning Agreement for studies”

(for now, complete only sections mentioned below)

Section I:

- Period of the mobility
- Table A ( with Courses at WUT )
- Table B (only if your university specially requires)
- Language competence of the student
2.4. Save, Print and get Sign the document “Learning Agreement for studies” by Responsible person in the sending institution (Section II. Responsible Persons…Name/E-mail can be completed hand-written)
2.5. Send document “Learning Agreement for studies”:

• Signed & scanned by e-mail to horatiu.hot@e-uvt.ro
• Editable .pdf file saved by you at step 2.4. by e-mail to horatiu.hot@e-uvt.ro

Deadlines (nomination & application):
• 30 of June – Semester 1 (October to mid-February)
• December 31th – Semester 2 (mid of February - end of June)

Erasmus+ Incoming Officer:
Horatiu Hot
e-mail: horatiu.hot@e-uvt.ro
Erasmus Departmental Coordinator


• Click here for information on all available courses (a new browser window will open).
For people whose native language is other than: English, French, Italian, German or Spanish. Please ask your university English Department to send us your 'Certificate of Language Proficiency in English'. The form they have to use is available for download on the bottom of the page (Certificate of Language Proficiency in English.doc). Please note that we need this form in order to be able to start processing your application.