I was selected by my university. What now ?

International Office of your university has to nominate you as an Erasmus student at West University of Timisoara (RO TIMISOA01). Recommended form

Application procedure:

  1. Fill data using the Online Application

  2. Complete Learning Agreement using the new platform offered by Erasmus+ Programme:
Online Learning Agreement

***if your University can’t use the Online Learning Agreement platform for now, than send us Learning Agreement signed in the form of your University.

  Data you need to complete regarding us (the Host Institution):  
Name of Institution: West University of Timisoara
Erasmus University code: RO TIMISOA01
Faculty/ Department – check the email that you have received from us.
Receiving Responsible Person contact here: Erasmus+ Department Coordinator
(Related to the Faculty you will be studying)
Receiving Administrative Contact Person: Name: Horatiu, Surname: Hot, email: horatiu.hot@e-uvt.ro
Data you need to complete regarding your Home Institution: please contact your University.  

Courses at West University of Timisoara here
***For Erasmus Students Mobility there are two languages of instruction: Romanian and/or English for courses thought at our university.
However, incoming Erasmus students usually carry out assignments in English and furthermore, most members of the teaching staff offer materials in English to incoming Erasmus students. Almost all, if not all, people at the University and in the country in general speak English and nobody should have any communication problems. However, this means that the student’s proficiency in English language is at an adequate level (level of competence in the English language should be at least B1, according to the CEFR). In exceptional cases, other languages (i.e. French or German) may be used as the instruction language.
Erasmus students can study Romanian as a Foreign Language both semesters (5 ECTS credits/semester).

  1. Download and send your Learning Agreement after you have it signed by home and Host University.
  1. Send Copy of ID or Passport
*** Learning Agreement and Copy of the ID or Passport should be sent to Administrative Contact below:
Erasmus+ Incoming Officer: Horatiu Hot
e-mail: horatiu.hot@e-uvt.ro
Erasmus Departmental Coordinator
Deadline for nomination and application:
First Semester: 15th of June Second Semester: 1st of December