Learning Agreement for Traineeship
(Financial contract for placement/ practice / internship) represents the document that insures the transparency and efficiency of the process of preparing your mobility, as well as the academic recognition of your mobility at the level of WUT, through the results obtained by you at the host organization.
Learning Agreement for Traineeship is structured as follows:
1. Before the mobility – to be filled in before leaving for your mobility;
2. During the mobility – to be filled in during the mobility should there be any changes to the details of your mobility initially established;
3. After the mobility – to be filled in at the end of your mobility and must reflect the fulfillment of your activities and duties originally set out in the Before the mobility part;

We recommend to carrefully read the information on our site at before completing the ONLINE LEARNING AGREEMENT.

• To fill in the ONLINE LEARNING AGREEMENT, you must first of all create an account by accessing the following link: choose the option FOR TRAINEES [ you can also choose to install the Erasmus+ app from Google Play or Apple Store as an access interface.]

NB: Please, use your institutional e-mail ( The first attempt at creating your account will end in error! Do not panic! Check your e-mail: you have been registered.

• Once your account has been created you will have 6 steps to follow, as you can see below:

In order to correctly fill in your OLA (ONLINE LEARNING AGREEMENT) you need to know the following:

Trainee ID number: student registration nr. at UVT;
Contact Person at the Sending Institution: Mihaela POPUȚA,, +40 256 592 324
Contact Person and Mentor at the Receiving Institution: the two can be reprezented by the same person;
Responsible person at the Sending institution: Andra-Mirona STAN-DRAGOTESC,, +40 256 592 352;
The details of your mobility: what, when, how, in what language, who is supervising/mentoring me;

• After the completion of the 6 steps, you will electronically sign the OLS and you will send it to the Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator at WUT, Andra-Mirona STAN-DRAGOTESC,
• If the document is well filled in, the Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator at UVT will also sign it, and send it to the contact person at the host organization.
• The contact person will receive in turn a request e-mail to sign the OLA.
• Once the OLA is signed by all the parties involved in the Erasmus+ Placement mobility, the document is complete and WUT will be notified.