Free Movers

A free mover student is a student enrolled at a foreign university or a foreign citizen who graduated secondary-school/ high school or undergraduate studies and who wishes to participate in one or more of the courses offered by West University of Timișoara, for a period of time equivalent to a semester or an academic year, without the benefit of the rules of the existing bilateral agreements between the university and the foreign higher education institutions, and without receiving a study diploma.

Enrolling procedure

West University of Timisoara accepts free-movers from European Union member countries or from E.U third countries for either a semester or a year and with the approval of the home university, as well as pending an approval from the Dean of the Faculty the candidate is interested in attending. Upon receiving this information, the applicant will receive a response from the Department of International Relations at WUT during a period of maximum 30 days. In case of acceptance, WUT will issue a Letter of Acceptance for the applicant.

Deadline for applications:
- August 30th: for the1st/autumn semester or for the upcoming academic year (the academic year at WUT starts around October 1st);
- January 30th: for 2nd/spring semester courses (the 2nd semester at WUT starts at the end of February);
- For the candidates who wish to attend one or more courses , without accumulating 30 ECTS credits, the same rules mentioned above apply.

Necessary documents:
1. Application Form
2. Certified copy and translation of the secondary-school/high school diploma and finale certificate of completion of undergraduate studies (for candidates who wish to attent courses at master level)
3. Transcript of Records for the semesters attended within the home university
4. Letter of Nomination from the home university
5. Simple copy of the ID card or passport
6. Medical Certificate
*we accept documents in Romanian, English or French language, for other cases, we require a certified translation of the documents in the above mentioned languages.

The application file will be sent to the Department of International Relations at West University of Timisoara, via e-mail at or by regular post at the following address:

Universitatea de Vest din Timișoara (West University of Timisoara)
International Relations Department
Vasile Parvan Bv., No. 4, Timisoara - 300223
Room 155B
Phone: +40 256 592227

After the Letter of Acceptance is issued by West University of Timisoara and sent to the student, he/she has to fill in a Learning Agreement, which will be signed both by the home institution and by the host university (using the Erasmus+ Learning Agreement example).

Each student will be enrolled at the chosen Faculty based on the official letter issued by the Department of International Relations and signed by the Vice-Rector for International Relations at WUT.

Free mover students can ask for accommodation in one of the university’s dormitories, depending on availability of rooms and after completing the application process. In case of an extension you have to follow the same procedures and complete the following Extention Aplication Form
  • Contact: Margareta BOICU (e-mail:, Phone: +40256592352)