DRI team


Director Department of International Relations
Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator / EEA Grants Programme Institutional Coordinator
Tel.:0040 256 592352
E-mail: andra.dragotesc@e-uvt.ro
Coordinates the Department of International Relations’ activities concerning:
West University of Timisoara’s internationalization strategy; international bilateral agreements; international associations’ affiliations; international mobility programs for students and staff; international grants and scholarships offered by national agencies, foundations or partner universities; international students admission; international lecturers; international cooperation projects and programs for higher education institutions.


Roxana Petronela DIACONESCU
Head of Office of Global Cooperation, International Students and the Diaspora
Tel: 0040 256 592227
E-mail: roxana.diaconescu@e-uvt.ro
Coordinates the activities of the Office of Global Cooperation, International Students and the Diaspora within the Department of International Relations at the West University of Timișoara regarding: the procedure for admitting citizens from EU countries and EU third countries; dissemination of information on the preparation of the application file for a Bachelor, Master and PhD study programme at WUT; communication with the relevant Ministry regarding degree-seeking international students at WUT; providing administrative support for obtaining a residence permit in Romania for international students; managing international student transfers to WUT. Manages WUT’s bilateral agreements with international partners and affiliation(s) to international associations and provides administrative support for the activities provided by them.

International administrative assistant
Tel. 0040 256 592227
E-mail: diana.plesca@e-uvt.ro
International students - informs interested persons about enrollment and admission to university, postgraduate and doctoral studies (conditions, necessary documents, fees), in accordance with the National Methodologies in force and the WUT Regulations; ensures the communication with the relevant Ministry, the National Center for Recognition and Equivalence of Diplomas and sends the necessary documents for the issuance of the Certificate of equivalence of studies. International lecturers – offers administrative support in order to organize the activity and stay in Romania, at WUT; ensures communication with the Human Resources Department and the faculties regarding the employment of foreign lecturers who carry out long-term activities at WUT; ensures communication with international bodies that support foreign lecturers in Romania. Visiting@WUT grant programme - launching and promoting the call for applications; informational support offered to candidates; administrative support offered to the programme participants and to the Host-Faculties/Teacher Training Dept. regarding the assurance of the benefits provided during the activity carried out at WUT. Travel Order – prepares and monitors Travel Orders for teachers, administrative staff and WUT students, who participate in academic events organized abroad (conferences, exchange of experience, project meetings, bilateral agreements, other than through the ERASMUS+ programme) and keeps track of them before, during and after returning to the country.

International administrative assistant
Tel. 0040 256 592352
E-mail: anca.ionascuti@e-uvt.ro
International bilateral agreements – updates the institutional database of Memorandum of Understanding, revives inter-institutional agreements and contributes to their implementation within West University of Timişoara. Academic exchange programmes – manages inter-institutional exchanges for students (short-term and / or free-mover mobility) and for academic staff and researchers („visiting professorship”) within international bilateral agreements; manages academic exchange programmes like CEEPUS, Fulbright, DAAD, ACBS, “Eugen Ionescu” offered by AUF, etc., addressed to students, academic staff and researchers. Organises summer/winter schools at West University of Timisoara and ensures the development/support of the international dimension of these events.


Oana-Roxana IVAN
Head of Erasmus+ Office
Tel .: 0040 256 592372
E-mail: oana.ivan@e-uvt.ro
Coordinates the activities of the Erasmus+ Office within the Department of International Relations of the West University of Timișoara regarding: the initiation and implementation of the Erasmus+ bilateral agreements; promotion, organization, implementation and monitoring of the Erasmus+ and EEA Grants programmes at WUT; counseling teachers and administrative staff in order to carry out EEA mobility for teaching or training purposes; reporting the activities of the Erasmus+ Office at WUT to the Erasmus+ National Agency.

Erasmus+ Outgoing Officer for Teaching and Training
Tel .: 0040 256 592271
E-mail: cristina.cojocaru@e-uvt.ro
Coordinates the teaching and training mobility carried out through the Erasmus+ programme, advises and monitors the teaching staff and administrative staff of WUT who intend to carry out a teaching / training mobility, before their application for an Erasmus mobility, throughout the selection process, during the development of their mobility and until final reporting of the mobility and of the results obtained through the teaching / training activity at the partner institution.

Horațiu HOT
Erasmus+ Incoming Officer
Tel .: 0040 256 592271
E-mail: horatiu.hot@e-uvt.ro
Coordinates Erasmus+ Incoming mobilities at West University of Timişoara for both students and staff, since their nomination from our partner institutions, until the final paperwork concerning the mobility is sent out to the beneficiaries and/or the partner institutions. Ensures the promotion of the Erasmus + mobility offer at UVT among the university partners.

Flavia SEREȘ
Erasmus+ Outgoing Officer for Studies
Tel .: 0040 256 592324
E-mail: flavia.seres@e-uvt.ro
Organises Outgoing mobilities for students for study purpose under the Erasmus+ umbrella at West University of Timişoara and offers institutional support to students before their application for an Erasmus mobility, throughout the selection process, as well as during their stay at the partner institution and after their return. Organises the promotion of the Erasmus+ offer for study and placement mobilities abroad within the Erasmus+ programme among WUT students.

Bianca-Lorena MOLDOVAN
Erasmus+ Outgoing Officer for Placement and EEA Grants for Studies
Tel .: 0040 256 592324
E-mail: bianca.moldovan@e-uvt.ro
Organizes and provides institutional assistance in the implementation of international mobility programs at WUT, especially Erasmus+ Outgoing mobilities for students for placement and student mobilities carried out within the cooperation programme financed by the Financial Mechanism of the EEA European Economic Area. Provides support to students in obtaining an Erasmus+/ EEA grant as well as in following the necessary steps for collaboration with the host institutions.