In order to benefit from an Erasmus+ Placement mobility during the academic year 2019-2020, you must submit to the Department of International Relations, room 155B, 1 st floor, WUT’s main building, between June 1st – 19th, 2020, a folder containing:
  • Certificate attesting your average marks of your previous year of study;
  • CV;
  • Letter of motivation justifying the chosen organization;
  • Proof of acceptance from the organization (letter, invitation, statement, etc.) – optional at this stage;
  • Certificate of knowledge of the language spoken in the country you will do the internship (from qualified departments) or other recognized diplomas; not for students who study the language as an integral part of their specialization;
  • Request to the Erasmus+ Institutional Coordinator (mention the faculty, department, year, organization for which you apply - maximum 3 options in order of your preference)

Between June 22 nd and 25t h , 2020, the internal selection of candidates will be done (evaluation of the folders and interview), after which, on June 26 th , 2020, appeals may be submitted, and the final results will be displayed later that day.