National Agency for Credits and Scholarships in Romania

National Agency for Credits and Scholarships in Romania, provides access to scholarships, offered by the Ministry of Education and Research and student credit management system, to different categories of students.

National Agency for Credits and Scholarships in Romania manages the following types of scholarships from the Ministry of Education and Research for Romanian citizens:

Scholarships offered under bilateral cooperation agreements or unilaterally by other states - for summer courses, complete or partial degree (bachelor, master, PhD), research and specialization;

Scholarships established by Government Decision no. 697/1998 were active until 2011, when, with the enforcement of the new law on national education, the funds that financed this scholarship were passed to the universities management;

„Nicolae Titulescu” Scholarships were created in order to integrate Romania into the European Union, offering internships up to 3 months into the new the areas of interest: socio-economic profile, technological, political and administrative;

"Titu Maiorescu" Scholarships for internships and post-doctoral postgraduate study or research lasting 3 months, the European Union's fields of interest.

"V.Pârvan and N.Iorga" Scholarships which grants internships lasting 2 years in Rome or Venice, for post-doctoral research and postgraduate training in areas of interest: history and social sciences, archeology, archival studies, library, classic and modern philology, history of art and architecture, literature and literary studies, arts, economics and science;

„Theodor Aman” Scholarship addressed to the Romanian artists, licensed in the field: young painters, sculptors, graphic artists. Many artists found, during their mobility, countries with optimal environment for their artistic career;

"Romanian Government” Special Scholarship for the training of public managers;

"European University Institute" Scholarships in Florence, are addressed to PhD students and have an access mechanism where the conditions are imposed by the receiving institution;

To qualify for one of these scholarships, organized by the National Agency for Credits and Scholarships in Romania, a student can run for the national contest, by submitting a complete application file, by the deadline stated in the contest calendar.

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