Accommodation at West University of Timisoara

Romanian ethnics who obtained a scholarship granted by the Romanian state will benefit of accommodation in one of the dormitories of West University of Timisoara, limited places available. Students in the first year of study, bachelor and master, have priority.

Applications for a place in students’ dormitories have to be submitted to the secretary of the faculty or to the Student Organization of Timisoara (OSUT, main building of WUT, room 247, phone: +40256592181).

More details about our dormitories are available here:

Another option is to rent a flat in the city. The option is more expensive, the average price for a one room apartment is around 140 Euro/month, but this depends according to the location. It is possible to rent an apartment together with other students, so you can share the costs.

This is the main website where you can find real estate ads in Timisoara: